REQUEST (Please Read First)
Before you request a song, please follow the following rules
  • Request a maximum of only three songs. You are not able to request more than three songs.
  • Must be detail. Do not write only the singer's name to avoid confusion.
  • B-Side tracks. If you're hit the request button on the post, you can request the b-side tracks here.
  • Old song. You can also request old song, but for the English translation, we also can work for it, but it's not gonna be faster that the romanization.
You can request by using English, Korean, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Melayu, or even your mother tongue language! (Because Google Translate will help us if we don't understand your language.)

We will contact you after we post the lyrics!


  1. Hello, I was happy when I found Vincent's song for The Beauty Inside in here.
    Please do Rothy - 구름 (The Beauty Inside OST Part.1) too.
    Thank you :)

  2. Sorry, we can't find any lyrics source for this song

  3. Hi, can you translate 용왕님 보우하사 OST Part 7 / Blessing of the Sea OST Part 7? Thank you

  4. The Quiett, Sik-K, Beenzino & CHANGMO - The Fearless Ones


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